Awnings and Sunshades

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Awnings / Sunshades are a wonderful way to create a shady place to sit and relax in your garden without getting burned by the sun or drenched by the rain. They are available to buy in a massive selection of colours, designs, patterns and stripes.

Awnings/Sunshades are supplied in motorized formats or manually operated. They let you take control of the elements on your patio or deck – in less than a minute your awning can be retracted/detracted as required.

An awning could very well completely transform your patio or deck into a fantastic semi-permanent “outdoor space”.

The awning will retract neatly against your house when you would like to enjoy the sunshine. However, when open, it helps to keep your patio furniture and family cool and shielded from the hot sun, showers, or dangerous UV rays so much better than a umbrella or other shade device.

Unsurpassed quality and amazing low costs!

So really enjoy your terrace or patio area a lot more this summer!

They are readily available in a manually operated format. However, they are also available with a motorized motor and remote control along with sun and wind detectors for safety. Under-mounted light strips and heater units can also be supplied and controlled by a remote control.

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Fitting of your Awning or Sunshade will usually take place around 2 weeks after the date of order, so the sooner you ring the sooner it can be fitted.

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